The York Instruments MEG design has a unique changeable front-end sensor interface and state-of-the art electronics back-end. It has software that is user extendable for the research environment, while still offering a safe clinical environment for standard protocols.

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The magnetic field sensors are the heart of every MEG and its quality dictates the usefulness of the instrument. York Instruments uses the HyQuid™ sensor, which is much more sensitive and has a lower noise floor than the traditional SQUID used in all previous MEG systems.

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Available cryogenics, sensors, electronic components, circuits and software have all been dramatically improved in recent years. York Instruments has taken advantage of this opportunity to design a revolutionary new MEG system that is highly modular, takes advantage of modern advances and yet has the ability to keep pace with changes in technology going forward.

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Magnetoencephalography is a powerful and versatile functional brain imaging technique. It’s known for ground-breaking neuroscience research, neurosurgical planning and many emerging indications. Despite the promise, the basic sensing technology has not evolved significantly in decades.

MEGSCAN from York Instruments is an unprecedented combination of modern sensors, cryogenics, electronics and software. It offers improved data quality and accuracy, lowers operating costs and increases versatility. MEGSCAN opens the door to new clinical applications for MEG and ensures a new chapter for neuroimaging.

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What Makes us

The York Instruments MEG will define what is state-of-the-art. The new MEG is an unprecedented combination of modern sensors, cryogenics, electronics and software.

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MEG is a non-invasive functional brain imaging technique with excellent temporal and spatial resolution. There are a host of accepted and emerging applications…

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York Instruments
acquires MEGIN

Elekta announced today that it has signed an agreement to sell its MEG business to York Instruments. Elekta’s MEG business, known as MEGIN, is a leading supplier of MEG technology, with more than 100 delivered MEG systems worldwide.

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