Who are we?

York Instruments is a vibrant young company making a significant commercial impact in the north of England in advanced manufacturing, especially with regards to medical devices.

The company’s genesis lies at the University of York in 2015 when a core team from York Neuroimaging Centre seized the opportunity to substantively upgrade the core magnetic field sensors and low noise electronics in their existing MEG scanner. After attracting significant US investment, the team established York Instruments as a new technology company. Since that point York Instruments has attracted over £10 million in US private investment funding and currently employs 41 highly skilled individuals at its York headquarters.

What do we do?

York Instruments’ main product is MEGSCAN: a next-generation magnetoencephalography (MEG) brain scanner. MEG is commonly used for patients undergoing brain surgery due to epilepsy, trauma/stroke, or brain tumours. MEG data offers excellent spatial and temporal resolution, which means much better outcomes from surgery when MEG is part of the pre-surgery workup.

There is substantial interest in MEGSCAN from investors and clinicians owing to its particular application to concussion injuries – an area that has been grossly neglected to date and which is attracting now a great deal of attention – especially with regards to elite sports in the US and Canada.

Where are we going?

More broadly, York Instruments is focussed on emerging technologies using quantum sensors and a suite of potential future products currently under development.  Growth for the company is predicted to be rapid over the next two years, and the company will continue to invest in research and manufacturing in the York area.