Medical and Life Sciences

Functional Brain Imaging 


Modern neuroimaging techniques provide a wealth of information to study brain function, injury and disease. Our work at the frontiers of biomagnetism is enhancing the clinical utility of techniques such as magnetoencephalography (MEG) to provide non-invasive insight into the underlying brain activity and injury which no other method can.

We are dedicated to the development of effective tools to study and localize rhythmic brain activity in real-time over a wide frequency range to improve outcomes in epilepsy, mild traumatic brain injury, oncology and dementia.


Life Sciences 

The use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) for spectroscopy and imaging (MRI) has become ubiquitous in medicine and the life sciences. We have developed our core technology with consideration for ParaHydrogen-induced polarization – an emerging signal amplification technique with great potential. Unlike other methods it promises to deliver a wide range of benign, long-lived agents that are quick to prepare and with sufficient signal strength to observe metabolic function at low-magnetic field. It promises the sensitivity to study disease models in real-time.