Quantum Technologies

We develop innovative products enabled by quantum science, a vibrant and multidisciplinary field at the interface of physics, mathematics, computing and materials science.

Magnetic Field Sensors


We are pioneering the development of quantum sensors to enable new applications. We are particularly focussed on the techniques of biomagnetism that depend critically on the ability to measure tiny time-varying magnetic fields.

Our development of the HyQUID, a novel superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) with improved signal-to-noise performance and dynamic range, offers unique sensitivity to slow-wave biomarkers of brain injury. Our sensors are robust to environmental upset, have simplified calibration and superior low-frequency performance.

We are developing magnetic sensor systems based on other technologies, such as the optically pumped magnetometer (OPM), that promise to free measurements from bulky cooling apparatus. Although outperformed by low-temperature devices, they may eventually compete with high temperature superconductors to enable compact and mobile systems. The short term is likely to be application for industrial test and measurement applications.