Signal Processing Systems

High Speed, Low Noise Electronics 

Research laboratories looking into applications for quantum sensors from industrial, medical to outer space are working with York Instruments electronics to drive their devices. The ultra high speed and low noise characteristics of our electronics design make them ideal for high spec sensor applications.

Our state-of-the-art data acquisition and control electronics are used to run MEG systems to collect the tiny magnetic signals from neuronal activity.

Modular, flexible and modern, this set of electronics allows MEG to be used hitherto untapped areas of clinical and research utility, exploring brain data in both ultra-low and ultra-high frequency bands. The modular electronics design in each of the sensor assemblies means interfaces are exchangeable allowing for futureproofing as new quantum sensors (eg OPMs) become commercially available.


Algorithms and Signal Processing 

Functional imaging produces a lot of data and requires specialist techniques to extract the signal from the noise. We develop high performance signal processing techniques used in both real-time embedded processing and offline data analysis. We incorporate leading-edge methods derived from scientific analysis, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.